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The Team

Tim Hill

Tim Hill

Tim is a great listener and observer first and foremost. As a chartered accountant with many years experience, he has gone far beyond their usual sphere of influence. He combines financial, IT and communication skills with personal encouragement and a passion to make a difference.

Tim qualified with KPMG where he gained base knowledge in producing meaningful financial information and corporate governance then became finance director for Club Caribbean in the West Indies where he further developed his understanding of people, learning what improved their working environment and what motivated them to perform to the best of their ability.

He works for national and local businesses and undertakes Intellectual Property verification for Hollywood Majors. Having been involved in a wide variety of companies from the Caribbean to Scandinavia Tim has insight into the workings of multinational and local companies. With his communication and leadership skills he can relate to chief executives and at the same time motivate those on the shop floor.





Lyn Palmer

Lyn is a Consultant with over twenty years experience working with organisations that are developing, growing and changing. She has an MBA, B.A. (Hons) in Psychology, a post graduate Diploma in Counselling and a Teaching Certificate. The knowledge and experiences gained in organisations combine to give a unique and innovative approach to enabling organisations and their people to manage the process of change and development.

Lyn designs, develops and supports the implementation of development projects and facilitates the management of the change that this involves. This often includes Training Programmes for managers and training the trainers of the programme as it is embedded in the organisation. Her client list includes Argenta Europ with whom she worked with MBDA, and Coca Cola, Porvair Material Technologies, Delta Daily Foods, Warrington PCT.

Lyn is a Coach to Managers in organisations and uses psychometric profiling as a tool in this work. She is licensed to use MBTI and registered for Levels A & B psychometric testing with the British Psychological Society. Many of Lyn’s clients have been promoted to Senior positions in their organisations and she supports them in the development of their own role and the roles of their staff.

Lyn is an associate lecturer with the Open University Business School. She teaches on the residential courses for the MBA electives mainly on Creativity, Innovation and Change and has also taught Strategy and Human Resources. She is a tutor on the Customised Corporate Programmes, most recently running the residential course for the Cooperative Insurance Services. She is also an on-line tutor for the Certificate in Management. She was part of the team that wrote the materials for the face to face residential for the programme and the on-line version. Lyn tutors occasionally for Warwick Manufacturing Group on their Corporate Programmes most recently the programme for Astra Zeneca. She also teaches on the Corporate Programmes at Henley Management College. She was tutor on the Mars University Programme at Henley for Masterfoods.

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