Healthy Work Environments


A sustainable company will be working towards a healthy environment

These are some of the comments from professionals who have assessed and evaluated the e-learning programme:

"I think the programme is very useful and just going through the process people will find valuable and illuminating"

Professor Stuart Irvine University of Wales

"The programme can help anyone - me included - run their lives less stressfully and more productively"

Michael Sclater. Psychotherapist


"My surprise was that I actually enjoyed the programme! I really thought it was going to be a hard slog and I was pleasantly surprised. I liked the organisation of the course and was very impressed by the animations/movies and general layout of the pages throughout"

Dr Mark Gallagher Liverpool University

"I found the programme extremely useful and it will certainly be of great help to me and my colleagues. "

Dr Stan Moore University of Wales

"Overall I found the e-learning programme easy to navigate and its holistic approach is enlightening as most programmes you encounter in the workplace don't take such a broad focus"

Amy Walker (MBA) Liverpool University HR

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