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  • User friendly
  • Appeals to all learning styles
  • Completely confidential to the individual
  • Gives the individual an indication of their stress levels
  • Help sheets to assist people with stressful demands they identify
  • Enables people to identify symptoms before they become problematic

Hello and welcome to the Healthy Work Environments free trial.

You'll be asked to provide your name and email address and also to make up a password for the system

To move through the programme you will need to click the NEXT button at the bottom right hand corner of each screen.

At the end of the programme a customised report example will be produced for you as a PDF based on the information you provide.

Any information you provide in the programme will remain confidential.

You will need to complete the programme in a single session, so when you're ready to begin; click the "START" button.

If you cannot complete the health and well being programme for any reason please send the details to

Stress Free Demo

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