Healthy Work Environments

Pricing Matrix

The programme offers cost effective action giving greater impact than face to face programmes.

Employees are away from their work for half an hour or so, rather than a whole day on a course.

It is estimated that the total costs of an employee on £20k a year attending a day’s course away from their place of work is between £500 and £700.

Assuming the cost at £500 a day there is a saving of £45,000 for 100 employees completing Healthy Work Environments. The cost of our programme is approximately the Employers National Insurance contribution for one week per employee.

All prices are excluding VAT and per delegate.

Number of Delegates

Cost per Delegate


1 +


25 +


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50 +


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100 +


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500 +


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1000 +


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Financial Benefits

Increased productivity with a more motivated work force

Decreased costs of absenteeism
Decreased presenteeism costs – impaired performance of people experiencing stress symptoms when in work both for themselves and those around them
Decreased costs of recruitment

Strategic issues

Improve feelings of well being
Build and maintain a healthier work environment
Reduce recruitment costs
Increase productivity
Help people work together
Increase confidence in the organisation
Increase morale
Help people recognise symptoms early avoiding major costs associated with decreased productivity (for the individual & those around) & subsequent absenteeism
Recognise demands that cause stress in the work place as well as everyday life
Create an action plan to enable the organisation to effectively manage stress in the workplace.

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