Healthy Work Environments

Healthy Work Environments

Our interactive on-line programme helps identify and alleviate stress in the workplace before it becomes a major problem, with the emphasis on ’preventative maintenance.’

The online session takes 30 minutes or less to complete which means participants don’t have to leave the building, avoiding the need for cover for a half or full day.

At the end of the session, each participant then receives a personal action plan providing information on how they can address any issues that may be causing symptoms of stress.

When 25 people have completed the programme, a summary graphical report is created for each of the seven areas that give rise to stress (work; family; travel; finance; home; social and health). This enables managers to see where their staff are experiencing stress whilst maintaining their confidentiality.

We are confident that staff will find it enjoyable, but most of all, they will feel valued.

Healthy Work Environments is a proactive, cost-effective approach to managing stress that can supplement existing policies and procedures.

Research shows that about 70% of stress originates from demands outside the workplace and our comprehensive programme covers this.

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