Healthy Work Environments

Wellbeing Benefits

One of the main barriers to a Healthy Work Environment is stress in the work place. Our programme helps managers, HR and employees to recognise the issues around stress and increases genuine feelings of wellbeing.

Support for individual employees

  • Provides support to employees to manage their stress
  • Employees are helped to understand what stress is and what causes it
  • The programme is completed online for maximum confidentiality
  • The programme enables employees to identify the causes of their own stress response (where demands are coming from that cause stress).
  • The employee receives help sheets via email that enable them to begin to manage both the causes and the symptoms of their stress response.
  • The programme takes approximately half an hour to complete
  • Managers are also able to do the programme and they are given a booklet that helps them manage the process for their department
  • Employees and managers are supported on the issue of stress.

Support for the organisation

  • The organisation has a simple and efficient method to meet all the Management Standards for Managing Workplace Stress demanded by HSE.
  • The e-learning programme produces a report that demonstrates that employees have been supported and stress “hot spots” are identified so that appropriate actions can be taken.
  • The help sheets also provide enough material for an HR department to provide face to face support or courses if this is considered necessary.
  • The programme is efficient and cost effective: employees are away from their work for half an hour or so, rather than being away for a whole day on a course.
  • The programme can be completed whereever the employees have access to the web - whether in the workplace or at home.
  • Delegates and the organisation are sent an electronic certificate of course completion for their records
  • By providing the course in the workplace the organisation reduces the risk of litigation.


Strategic issues

By using the Healthy Work Environments programme the organisation has the opportunity to:

  • Improve feelings of well being
  • Build and maintain a healthier work environment
  • Reduce recruitment costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Help people work together
  • Increase confidence in the organisation
  • Increase morale
  • Help people recognise symptoms early avoiding major costs associated with decreased productivity (for the individual and those around) and subsequent absenteeism
  • Recognise demands that cause stress in the work place as well as everyday life
  • Create an action plan to enable the organisation to effectively manage stress in the workplace.


Financial Benefits

  • Increased productivity with a more motivated work force
  • Decreased costs of absenteeism
  • Decreased presenteeism costs – impaired performance of people experiencing stress symptoms when in work both for themselves and those around them
  • Decreased costs of recruitment
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